Asking for help: A tough but important lesson

One Intuit study found that 41 percent of small business owners feel lonely in their work life. That same survey found that 70 percent of small business owners say networking with other business owners is important.   These challenges can be overcome, and they start with an intentional move on your part. When was the […]

Selling against Price

One of Warren Buffett’s most famous quotes is, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” It’s an idea that largely guides his investment decisions and one he’s used to build his empire. What exactly does this quote mean, though, in the context of sales? And how can we use it to guide […]

Tips on becoming a small business owner

Being a small business owner is no small task. Studies show that most work harder than they did at their traditional jobs. But small businesses owners also enjoy passion and fulfillment in their work, with 77% ranking themselves as “extremely happy,” according to several polls.Being a small business owner is no small task. Studies show […]

How to master the art of the sale

There are approximately 1.57 million sales representatives in the United States. Each one will probably tell you that closing a sale is an art. If you’re struggling to make a sale — or even if you’re not — we want to share a few tips with you to become an even better salesperson.   1. […]

A basic guide to chargebacks

Navigating the world of chargebacks can feel daunting at times. After all, no one likes to contend with an angry customer or lose profit. Frustrating all around! In a perfect world, all customers would be happy and loyal, right? But that’s not the case. Sometimes orders get messed up due to human error or bad […]

Payment processing: A roadmap for the future

It goes without saying that the pandemic dramatically changed the payment processing industry due to a lack of in-person payment methods. If you didn’t have a strategy in place for pivoting to online payments, the pandemic likely meant some hardships to your business.   The fact remains that plastic is the future. Look no further […]